Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A wreath fit for a princess!!

My little princess turned 4 and wanted a princess tea party. I had the party the day after Wine and Wishes so things were a bit hectic. I had lots if grandiose plans but was unable to carry them all out. I did buy some tulle and make a flashy wreath for the door to announce her highnesses birthday.

Here's a quick tutorial on how I made it. All you need is some rolls of tulle, which I got at Walmart. I used a green styrofoam wreath. I doubled up on the tulle strips so it looked fuller. They were about 2 ft long.

I alternated colors and kept going until it was full.

Awe, Piper the dog!

I also added a wand from the dollar store, some cute felt butterflies, and an E That I added some paint and glitter to. Now it hangs in the princesses room, eh hum, I mean castle!

Wine and Wishes: Mission Accomplished

So we pulled it off!! My fellow bridesmaid and I pulled off a great engagement party. We had a buffet of appetizers and a variety of specialty cupcakes for dessert. The PB and chocolate cupcakes were to die for!!

I love this quote for them being that it's their second marriage.." Being someone's first love may be great but being their last is perfect" I can't remember what blog I found the printable on, but it was so appropriate.

This is the Wine and Wishes station where people used these lovely note cards designed by Peg to write their wish, seal it, and attach it to the bottle. I was so impressed by Alisha's dad who came prepared with his wish pre-written, so sweet to know the love he put in to it. Here are some more pics of the party.

The happy couple!!

Angie, Alisha and I

My fellow bridesmaid Peg.

A really fun part of the night was a pre-newlywed game where our engaged couple competed against two other couples to see how well they knew each other. I'm proud to say that Alisha and Carl did win!! Here's a picture of them with the sign I made.

I can't wait for the wedding!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wine and Wishes Planning

My BFF is getting married!! She is having a brief engagement, only 3 months. We wanted to throw her and her groom to be an engagement party, since we weren't going to do a shower. This is a second marriage for both and they have already combined households. Her other bridesmaid, Peg, and I decided to throw them a Wine and Wishes party. They both love wine and are getting married at a vineyard in the Finger Lakes. The party is next weekend. We sent out invitations requesting that each couple bring their favorite wine and be prepared to write a wish that will be sealed and tied to the bottle. Therefore, when they open a bottle, they can read a wish. I will post pics next week. In the meantime I have been working on some party decor. I used some wooden banner cutouts I acquired from PYP.

Then I cut some vinyl.

Used a beautiful antique mirror frame I squired at Brimfield.

Strung the banner on ribbon and hung it from the frame. I also added some bling to the ring with glitter glue.

I'll take more pics of it when I have it set up at the party.


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