Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Adventure

Wow, it's been a while since my last post.  I haven't been creating much in the way of crafts. However, I did take on something new.  I decided to enter the direct sales business by becoming a merchandiser for a new jewelry company called Chloe and Isabel.  Why??? Well, I'm actually still figuring that out.  My career is in education/mental health.  I don't refer to it on this blog because I wanted this blog to be about my right brain interests..  I have worked as a school psychologist for 13 years now.  In many ways it is a satisfying job that allows me to feel like I am contributing to the well- being of children.  There are down sides to it as well.  I have to write, ...a lot!! There are certain legal mandates that make it necessary for me to write up evaluations so that children can get the services they need.  There are also a lot of meetings, tons of meetings.  Mostly, I don't mind these meetings as I do like to problem solve and feel like part of a team. I like it best when I can work directly with kids. I actually feel guilty being behind a desk and writing for many hours. I also love working with devoted and talented educators. The consultation aspect of my job is one that I feel most proud of. I love to facilitate the problem solving approach and help a classroom teacher, administrator, or parent find a new approach with their student.  Being a school psychologist can be an isolating job, in that you are the only one that does, what you do, in that building.  I am a people person and try to maximize on that by having an open door and visiting classrooms. I have responsibilities that put me in the positon of having to make decisions that are not always well received.  This can be difficult because by nature, I'm a pretty sensitive person that wants to be well-liked.  As I get older, this gets better, but I will always have that desire.  So, an outlet has always been to create by crafting and decorating. And this leads me to Chloe and Isabel (C+I). 

When I was home with my daughter four years ago, I researched direct sales as I was eager to find a way to stay home with my adorable baby girl.  It was fun to look around but I knew there was no way financially that I couldn't go back to work.  I have had my share of parties, Lia Sohpia, Pampered Chef, Arbonne, Jewel Kade and 31.  I have often thought that a great job for me would be to own my own boutique where I could sell a variety of my favorite things.  This is an ambitious dream and probably couldn't happen until retirement, and by then, I'm not sure if I want to work :-) So, I decided to do some research on direct sales companies.  I decided on jewelry because I love it. Whenever I'm shopping, I check out the costume jewelry.  I think it's a great way to freshen up my wardrobe.  I'm not that trendy in my attire so I try to add a little bling.  Also, jewelry is easy to store and transport. There are a lot of jewelry companies out there.  I had never been to a Chloe and Isabel party so I hadn't actually seen the jewelry.  I chose to send in an application of interest because I really like their marketing, the 30% commission, the hostess benefits ($50 for every $200 spent), and most of all... it's new and not sold by anyone around here!!! I was impressed that C+I had a process of interviewing and selecting candidates.  Only 10% of those that apply are hired.  This is impressive to me because I know a lot of companies are always looking for people to sign up and pretty much take anybody who is willing to pay the initial start-up fees.  I also love that you set up your own online boutique, so I have my store- sort of.  The jewelry is a lot of fun...trendy and classic pieces at affordable prices.  I have had two parties (they call them pop-up shops) so far and the jewelry has impressed most.  People love that it's new and no one else has it.  My husband has been incredibly supportive- I think he knows I needed another outlet.  It will obviously never replace my "real" job, nor do I want it to, I just needed to give it a try.  So good!!


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