Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glimpses of the Garden

My front garden bed is in transition this year.  We decided to tear out some of the evergreens and bushes that started overwhelming the area.  I have been planting a mixture of perennials and annuals.  At this point in the summer they are still immature and small.  I will wait till things come in before sharing photos of that.  Meanwhile, here are some other parts of the garden that are pretty.
I made this concrete leaf a few years ago and decided to plant some succulents (my new favorite thing) in it.
More succulent fun!!

I Love my new window box!
I think it is fun to play around with different things in planters.


  1. Beautiful flowers!!! It makes your yard so cheery!!

  2. Thank you, When are you going to come out here to visit your sister so I can finally meet you and that sweet baby?



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