Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day

We went to western New York, where my husband and I are both from, for Memorial Day weekend.  This was my first visit back since Shawn's mom, Prudie, died suddenly at the end of March.  We stayed at Shawn's parents house, which we normally do when we go home because they have a lot of room and it's close to Shawn's brother, his wife, and three boys.  It was very sad to walk in there and not have Prudie waiting for us with a freshly baked batch of cookies.  It feels so weird to be in the house, I still feel like she is there and imagine how much joy she would get from watching all of the kids together.  George is doing as well as could be expected I suppose.  He has been trying to get the house in order and stay busy with his gardening.  He gets lonely and I don't think ever imagined that he would be in this life without her.  My brother-in-law and his family take good care of him as they live one driveway away, but it is hard to lose your partner of nearly 50 years.  They were high school sweethearts and had three children and now 6 grandchildren.  Prudie adored her grandchildren and loved to take pictures of Everything they did.  This weekend we tried to honor that memory and took some really great shots of the kids playing.  We also made sure to fly the flag she loved so much.  She loved anything patriotic, something that probably happens when you are born on Flag Day.  We miss you Prudie, mom, grammy, wife, and friend.  I hope that you felt our love this weekend.
Drew and Eliza

Trent and Eliza

Piper the wonder dog

The flag at dusk

Giving Ethan a High Five
Mel and Drew

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