Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prim Pinwheels

With Flag Day and Fourth of July fast approaching I feel the need to decorate.  I am not typically a fan of decorating with patriotic decor.  I love this country and feel honored to be a part of it, but the red/white/and blue does not go with much in my home.  However, this time of year it feels necessary.  I also want to honor my mother-in-law, she loved decorating with flag decor.  These prim pinwheels were something I came up with last year.  I fused two complimentary fabrics together and then cut them into squares.  Cutting up the diagonal and folding four corners to the center.  I embellished the centers of the pinwheels and added fabric ties and some faux berries to dress it up. I tea stained the tag and wrote Prim Pinwheels on it.  The cost was only about $10, which is the best part.  Home of the Free...Because of the Brave!!


  1. very cute! We should do this for a craft night.

  2. I love this! I need to learn to make one.

    I miss you and hope you are well!

  3. Me too, let's go garage sailing on Saturday!



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