Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter Egg Button Tree

I love taking dollar store items and jazzing them up into something special.  I bought a potted Easter Tree, carrot ornaments, and egg ornaments.
First I spread the branches apart.  I cut out leafs from coordinated fabric and glued them onto the branches.  I layered buttons and strung them onto other branches.  Then, my daughter and I added the carrot and egg ornaments.  As a finishing touch, I cut a circle of burlap and tied it around the pot with ribbon for a fresh look.  I incorporated it into my Easter mantle, which I will feature in my next post.


  1. SO, so cute! I love the carrots on the tree--so spring!

  2. Great idea! I didn't know you could find those kinds of ornaments at the Dollar Store! Thanks for sharing!



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