Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work Out Wednesday

For the last month I have been attending 5:30 am classes at the YMCA two days a week.  On Wednesdays I take Dynamic Interval Training, otherwise known as hell :) I go with my friends Angie and Jacqueline who pick me up and keep me accountable.  It is a really hard workout and I will be so happy when I can do all of the exercises correctly and as quickly as the instructor does.  Sometimes I get pretty down on myself about it but my husband always reminds me least I'm there.  I do feel stronger and would like to start seeing changes in my body.  Angie and I try to walk/run at least two other days of the week.  Having a Thirty-One party tonight so I need to clean up and get ready. 


  1. I was talking to JS on the way home this morning and we both think you are getting stonger :) I see improvements from your first week. Way to go girl!!!

  2. The party was fun! And I wanted to tell you I like the header--I feel like it's changed a few times and I'm kind of feeling like a loser because I've never changed mine. haha. You'll have to teach me. :)



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