Sunday, July 31, 2011

ADK Adventure

We have been camping for the last week in the Adirondacks at Racquet Lake in Golden Beach State Park.  It has the most gorgeous sand beaches (thus the name) and shallow water that goes on and on so the kids can play safely.  We had a couple days of rain, but all in all it was a great trip.  We borrowed a 1988 Winnebago from one of hubby's friends, dated but functional.  It kept us off the ground and gave us a safe place to sleep. 
We went with family and friends. There were tons of kids that Eliza got to know so it was great to have them celebrate her 3rd Birthday with us.  I went to a nearby town and ordered a cake, it was delicious.  She got a Dora Trike for her birthday and enjoyed riding with the "big girls".
We finally got the kayaks out after a three year hiatus.  We have a double kayak and a single kayakThe original plan was to have Ethan and I in the double and Shawn and Eliza squeeze in the single.  That lasted about 20 minutes and Eliza wanted to be with me.  Ethan took over the single kayak and Shawn chauffeured us in the double.  We went on a several mile ride to some waterfalls.
Isn't it beautiful.  I love giving myself and my children these experiences.  We are so fortunate to live in New York (in the summer -ha ha) to enjoy all the beautiful nature.  Have a terrific day.

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