Sunday, July 17, 2011

The AV cart transformation: from Drab to Fab Phase One

Ok, so my girls Angie (Baseball and Ballet) and Allison (Lipgloss Lounge) and I had another successful garage sale day on Saturday.  We went to a sale that had those old Audio Video (AV) carts, you remember, the ones that held the overhead projectors in class.

Well I wouldn't have looked twice at it, but Angie, initially attracted by the color, saw it and thought maybe it would make a good outdoor food cart.  She had a vision for it, which I totally lacked that day.  Then Allison pointed out that with the electrical outlet we could hook up the blender and make margaritas- great idea.
As we started joking about all the things we could do with it, we thought about turning it into a craft cart.  The outlet would be perfect for the hot glue gun, light box, or whatever needs electricity.  It was on wheels and had great shelving for storage. It could just be pushed to the corner of the room and pulled out when needed.  

There happened to be two of them and somehow, after a few punches (ha ha), Allison and I walked out with them.  Poor Angie, the one with the vision, and she didn't even get one.  Don't fret, she can fend for herself.  So I decided to spray paint mine Mediterranean, which is pretty close to the color it already is.
As you can see, it was pretty dark before I finished, but you get the idea.  Allison and I went to the store and found magnetic curtain rods to attach to hold the ribbon.  I will keep you updated on the transformation.  Thanks Angie for being so selfless.

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  1. oh man! I'm behind. I have to go get some spray paint and get mine painted. Maybe that's a tomorrow project. Yours looks great! I can't wait to get it painted and hang some ribbon on it. :)



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