Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brand New Winter Projects

I have wanted to share some crafts that I did in November and December that I haven't had time to post about.  Here goes.

I alternated festive fabrics onto a foam cone and glued it onto candlesticks.  The strips of fabric were ruffled using a running stitch.  
I love the way this countdown calendar came out.  I painted the frame with a Martha Stewart color and stapled some twine on the back.  The envelopes were then glued onto the string.  I found a variety of activities..folded them up and put them in each envelope. 
These were a lot of fun to make.  A few of my friends and I went to a huge craft show and saw similar ones selling for $12.  I bought the plastic candy canes that have the lights inside, people use going up their walkway.  They were 3 for $5.  I ripped the lights out; wrapped each one with tea stained cheese cloth (you need more than you think); then cut a strip of red felt and twisted it around the cane.  I embellished with a few sprigs of berries, jingle bells, and country fabric.
Just a cute wood plaque with some vinyl.  Love the colors together.


  1. SO cute!! I'm going to need to rent your silhouette machine to help prepare my shop I think!

  2. You know I love those trees!! And the countdown was fabulous!

  3. I love the candy canes and your blog background...I love the red and silver!



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