Monday, January 9, 2012

Red Burlap Winter Wreath

I so loved my fall burlap wreaths that I had to come up with a winter one.  I used red burlap to wrap a foam wreath.  The flowers were made with mostly felt and a cute gray/black/ and red dollar store scarf.  I added some stacked buttons, metal snowflakes, and berries for a little texture. 
It now hangs in my friend Angie's house (aka my best customer).  I miss it and might have to steal it back.


  1. It's beautiful! If you want to store it at my house a while too you can. :)

  2. Beautiful wreath! I didn't even know that burlap came in different colors until recently. This would make a beautiful Valentine's Day wreath, as well. I found you through Craft-O-Maniac. Thanks for sharing! :)



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